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with Yvette Rowland, Robin Reid, Jason Marriner, Leslie Grantham, Lysette Anthony, Danniella Westbrook, Cathy Tyson, Chris Ellison, Jeff Stewart, Holly Gibbs, Robert Pereno, Dave Courtney, Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty, Robin Kermode, Susie Ann Watkins, Jon Campling, Phil Herbert, Lucy Drive, Michael Fenton Stevens, Cass Pennant, Jess Conrad OBE, Charles Bronson.

Directed by Liam Galvin. Produced by Yvette Rowland. A Gangster Videos Production.

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Copyright © 2017 Gangster Videos

Their programmes have premiered on the Biography Channel, the History Channel & the Crime & Investigation Channel & they have also supplied footage for the BBC, Bravo, Channel 5, Channel M, LWT, Manchester United TV, Nuts TV & Sky News. They produced & filmed ‘Underground Boxing’ for The Fight Network and supplied footage for ‘Big Brother 50 Most Shocking Celebrity Moments 2010’ for Objective Productions, ‘Lawless Britain’ & ‘Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men’ for Bravo & Scottish Media Group. Gangster Videos also run the very successful Liam Galvin You Tube Channel:


They have just finished filming a 9 part series ‘IBA Boxing’ for Sky’s London Live TV


Gangster Videos has released 23 DVDs in the UK & 8 in the USA including the controversial film ‘Killer Bitch’ which charted at No:3 in HMV. Other Recent Releases include: ‘Tyson Unleashed’, ‘Jimmy White - The One & Only’, ‘The Ultimate Football Hooligan Collection’ and ‘Carlton Leach - Real Rise of a Footsoldier’. They are currently finishing filming on ‘Susan George & Her Arabian Horses’.

The slideshow above shows recently filmed scenes

Interview with Director & Producer:

Scenes filmed at Hever Castle & other locations

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